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We are a mobile marine shrinkwrap company offering High Quality Marine Shrinkwrap and Scaffolding Services.  No job is too small for us, from shrink-wrapping a jet ski for transportation to scaffolding a large vessel on floats, our skilled and certified team will deliver the best quality and outstanding customer service. We can shrinkwrap almost anything, Boats, Planes, Roofs, Cars.  You Name It!

Our Services

Shrinkwrap Services

Our mobil shrink-wrap services are the best solution for transporting and protecting vessels, supplies and to store items for any type of market.

Marine Scaffolds

We provide high quality and cost effective scaffolding services. Our employees have over 10 years of experience and are OSHA certified.

Storage Booths

We create booths in different sizes for small paint jobs using the highest standards. All of our paint booths comply with OSHA regulations.

Sandblasting Tents

Our tents for sandblasting are comply with OSHA regulations. These tents facilitate the workers to perform their job in a safe environment.

Float Platforms

Floating platforms are used to polish and wax vessels surfaces. We scaffold shrinkwrap on floats to enclose vessels to be worked on water.

Construction Projects

We  work commercial projects too.  Build scaffolds and shrinkwrap of construction areas, hotels, restaurants, roofs. See some or our jobs

A view from the inside

Scaffold and Shrinkwrap Jobs

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